Bay-2 PDM incl. Obsolescence & Compliance

The highly automated Bay-2 PDM incl. Obsolescence & Compliance manages and updates all your standard and special parts, taking into account the life cycle and adherence to current compliance requirements.

  • PartFinder with Cross/Replace information
  • Link to datasheets and construction images
  • Interfaces to ERP and E-CAD
  • API to SiliconExpert, IHS and Octopart
  • And much more


Bay-2 BOM Manager

The Bay-2 BOM Manager checks the short and medium-term availability of components in a BOM or multi-level BOM. Through automated data import of the globally available stocks and lifecycle information, the system calculates the maximum possible production quantity and identifies bottlenecks.

  • Routine via API: Data update incl. data sheets, PCNs, technical specifications, life cycle, compliance, alternative parts
  • Integration: Synchronisation of all data with ERP and ECAD system
  • Monitoring: Check of the maximum possible production quantity, based on the worldwide available stocks



Bay-2 Best-Price-Engine

The integrated Bay-2 Best-Price Engine researches worldwide customer-specific prices and inventories from various distributors and manufacturers in real time via API.

  • Rapid Pricing: Prices from distributors and manufacturers are available within seconds
  • Availability check: Stocks and delivery times of the components are taken into account
  • Integration: Interface to ERP price database
  • Monitoring: Graphical representation of price and inventory development


Bay-2 Missing Parts Management

Bay-2 Missing Parts Management periodically checks with distributors and manufacturers whether stocks are now available for hard-to-find items. If stocks exceed a defined reporting limit, a notification is sent by e-mail to specific persons.

  • Periodic API request to suppliers about available stocks of missing parts
  • Inventory reporting of hard-to-find parts
  • Forecast: Available manufacturer inventory with quantities and delivery times


Bay-2 Automatic Order

Bay-2 Automatic Order orders the required components from the relevant distributors and manufacturers using the best price engine. To ensure that parts are not out of stock at short notice, the urgently needed parts are automatically ordered via API if they are within a defined price corridor.