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Bay-2 PDM and Quote for Electronics

Bay-Soft offers the highly integrative Bay-2 PDM and Quote System for OEM and EMS, which is networked with the various systems such as ERP, E-CAD and external databases. Information on price, availability compliance as well as form, fit and function specifications are shared from external databases.  The latest parts information is brought into the Bay-2 PDM Technology Database where the parts information in bills of materials and the approved manufacturers and components in the ERP system are linked. Bay-2 helps to quickly determine the best prices for hundreds of components from various distributors worldwide.

Bay-2 PDM Best Price for OEM

No manual multiple maintenance of different databases required, thanks integrated, state-of-the-art technology database with PCN from a single source.

Bay-2 Quote Best-Price Engine for EMS

Reduces the cost of calculation by approx. 50% through the automation of time-intensive processes.

Guest Speaker: Bay-Soft GmbH, Admir Kovacevic at SiliconExpert Intelligent Engine Podcast
Bay-2 Quote pricing software and the integrated best-price engine make it possible to quickly determine the best prices for hundreds of components from various worldwide distributors. EMS and OEM companies with the best prices and pricing information (price scales, availability, technical features, etc.) have the best chance of being at the forefront of the electronics market. Listen now ▶

Integration: Bay-Soft meets SiliconExpert

Top News: Digitale Transformation for OEM and EMS

SiliconExpert offers a repository of parts data, curated by hundreds of electronics engineers and enhanced through machine learning to provide current information.

This information is directly importable into the Bay-2 Technology Database, where the latest data information is shared with ERP and E-CAD systems.

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