Bay-2 PDM & Best Price Engine

Bay-2 PDM serves as an integration hub between the systems (ERP, CAD, external databases) and replaces an Excel database. The individual databases have their own data format. In Bay-2, the specific data formats are converted to a standard format and stored. Incorrect data is corrected, and missing data is added in accordance with plausibility rules. The standard formats are used for further operations such as same and similarity searches and price inquiries. Bay-2 PDM contains a variety of high-quality information about electronic components. 

Bay-2 PDM Best Price is linked via web service (API) to the product databases of various distributors and to external technology databases (IHS, Silicon Expert, Octopart), where it can search in parallel for components and their customer-specific prices, technical features and availabilities.


Your challenge

Challenge 1: The life cycles of components are getting shorter and shorter. New PCNs are constantly being delivered. Some PCNs are e-mailed to several colleagues twice or three times, stored decentrally or saved to different databases. That means a lot of manual effort. Other PCNs must be actively researched, resulting in data chaos and a lot of manual effort.

Challenge 2: A time-consuming price search is the order of the day during offer preparation. Searches, comparisons and repeated requests are performed manually.

Your solution

Regarding challenge 1: This process of data maintenance is screaming for automation. The remedy can be provided by an integrated technology database in which components are stored with ERP article number or manufacturer article number. The technical parameters (plus EOL, RoHS, link to data sheet, ...) and component alternatives are automatically imported via API from Octopart, IHS or Silicon Expert and the data records are synchronized with the various partner systems (ERP, E-CAD, etc.).

Regarding challenge 2: The solution is automated price research with web interfaces to various distributors. Within a few moments, you receive an overview of which distributor offers the component under what conditions (price scale incl. customer discounts, delivery time, inventory, packaging). Unnecessary repeat requests are a thing of the past, because all prices are stored in a central price database.


Every OEM company is different. To discuss your processes and find the ideal solution for your company, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.