Bay-2 Quote for EMS

For EMS companies, Bay-2 Quote is a revolutionary tool for project calculation and best price research. 

Quote is a software solution that can be docked onto existing ERP systems and reduces the calculation effort by approximately 50% (and more) by automating time-consuming processes. At the same time, Bay-2 Quote enables purchasing to provide the sales department with the crucial information needed to create a fast and efficient proposal.


Your challenge

The customer sends you an Excel request. This incomplete format must first be painstakingly manually processed. Using Google search, technical parameters are added, and manufacturer part numbers are assigned. Data sheets are researched and worked through, information about EOL is obtained, etc. The technical work is followed by price research, which is no less labour-intensive. Prices and delivery times are requested via portal, e-mail or telephone. This takes up valuable time.

Automate your processes and take time for the ones that are really important.

Your solution

You can easily import your components, their technical features and data sheets through an API connection to the external databases Octopart, IHS and SiliconExpert. Bay-2 Quote searches for discounted prices, stocks and their availabilities in parallel via additional API connections to various distributor databases.

Determine the best price per click. Quote automatically transfers the prices to your ERP system, so that your customer receives their offer as quickly as possible.

In more detail

Technology Database



The Technology DB contains all components relevant to your company. All common components that have been offered before and all ERP items are managed using the manufacturer code and the manufacturer part number. Using this combination, the component is clearly identifiable worldwide - the basis for global price research.

Especially in the quotation phase, where an ERP article number does not yet exist for many components, the Technology DB provides an excellent opportunity to manage components.

Via API to external databases Octopart, SiliconExpert and IHS, data records can be created or updated with a click. Valuable technical information such as EOL, RoHS and links to datasheets are assigned automatically.




Using the BOM converter, different customer BOM formats can be imported and converted into a uniform structure.

With just a few clicks, the individual columns of the customer BOMs can be assigned to the corresponding fields in Bay-2 Quote (mapping). Automated categorization of the parts makes it easier to find them again for other calculations.

Several bills of material (order package, outsourcing) can be combined into a total BOM in order to achieve a mass effect. Bills of material regarding manufacturer, ref. code, component location, etc. can be compared.





The obsolescence management data is managed in the Technology DB. The system enables the identification of risk components. It also shows in which ERP articles and component calculations the corresponding component is used.





The Bay-2 PartFinder uses (incomplete) manufacturer part numbers and technical features, aided by API for Octopart, IHS, and SiliconExpert, to search for the same and similar parts. The results plus technical features, EOL, RoHs, lead free, datasheet, are converted to a standard format and saved. In the next step, prices and availability are determined via WEB-Gate.

In more detail

Price Database



Prices are stored from the various sources in a central price database. These are prices from the ERP system, offer prices, price lists and catalogue prices from suppliers, annual prices, prices with quantity contract, customer and project prices. The price information is stored in a standardized format and can be accessed with different keys (manufacturer article number, article number, customer article number, ....).




Bay-2 WEB-Gate, aided by real-time APIs, searches global distributors for purchase prices and component availability. The results are converted to a standard format, checked and, within seconds, are automatically stored in the price database and made available for pricing.

Bay-2 WEB-Gate currently has access to the databases of Farnell, Mouser, Arrow, Digi Key, RS, Rutronik, Distrelec and Octopart. To search with WEB-Gate, distributor activation and the manufacturer's article number are required. Some distributors offer discounted prices.




Purchase request by e-mail: An automated quote request will be generated and sent via e-mail to the supplier/manufacturer. For standard parts, identification is via the manufacturer's part number, which is unique worldwide. The supplier enters the material prices, delivery time and additional information into the attached Excel and sends it back. This Excel will then be imported into Bay-2 Quote. If the result of the check is positive, the offers can be transferred to the central price database.