Bay-2 Best-Price-Engine

For EMS companies, Bay-2 Quote is a revolutionary tool for project calculation and best price research. 

Quote is a software solution that can be docked onto existing ERP systems and reduces the calculation effort by approximately 50% (and more) by automating time-consuming processes. At the same time, Bay-2 Quote enables purchasing to provide the sales department with the crucial information needed to create a fast and efficient proposal.


Your challenge

The customer sends you an Excel request. This incomplete format must first be painstakingly manually processed. Using Google search, technical parameters are added, and manufacturer part numbers are assigned. Data sheets are researched and worked through, information about EOL is obtained, etc. The technical work is followed by price research, which is no less labour-intensive. Prices and delivery times are requested via portal, e-mail or telephone. This takes up valuable time.

Automate your processes and take time for the ones that are really important.

Your solution

You can easily import your components, their technical features and data sheets through an API connection to the external databases Octopart, IHS and SiliconExpert. Bay-2 Quote searches for discounted prices, stocks and their availabilities in parallel via additional API connections to various distributor databases.

Determine the best price per click. Quote automatically transfers the prices to your ERP system, so that your customer receives their offer as quickly as possible.