Bay-2 Quote WEB-Gate

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The web-based solution Bay-2 Quote WEB-Gate for an indicative quote in the electronics sector. Bay-2 Quote WEB-Gate helps you to differentiate from your competitors.

Using Internet search engines, Bay-2 Quote WEB-Gate screens purchase prices and availability of components at different online distributors. The results are converted into a standard format, checked, and within minutes automatically made available to the Bay-2 Quote for calculation.

Bay-2 Quote WEB-Gate is a optional extra to our software Bay-2 Quote.

Benefits of Bay-2 Quote WEB-Gate

  • Rapid Pricing: Prices from online distributors are available within minutes
  • Availability Check: Availability and delivery time of the components are checked at the individual distributors
  • Across Distributors: Prices and availability of well-known distributors are taken into consideration
  • Saving Of Working Time: No manual effort for price inquiries and availability checks