Bay-2 Quote PartFinder

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The Bay-2 PartFinder module primarily supports the areas of development and technology in the Internet search for components with comparable or similar technical features, for example in cases where no components could be found in the technology database in the search for identical/similar parts, or where the entered components were discontinued.

For the search, the technical features or the description of corresponding
performance windows are changed into the standard format. Using this standardised information, the search is started through different search platforms on the web. The components found according to the selected criteria can then be transferred into the technology database. Prices and availability of these components are additionally determined through the Bay-2 WEB Gate.

Bay-2 Quote PartFinder is a optional extra to our software Bay-2 Quote.

Benefits of Bay-2 Quote PartFinder

  • Search for identical or similar components of other manufacturers, with information regarding availability/price, e.g. by using the part number
  • Search for components through a similar or incomplete part number
  • Search for components using a feature with identical or similar characteristics (entry of performance windows)